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Invite your friends and join the PLEXUS Alpha,
You can Earn $1,000,000 worth of PLX Tokens.
PLEXUS provides token incentives for users' promotion and swap activities.
By sharing your referral link, both inviter and invitee will be rewarded every time
they make a transaction. (Available once a day based on UTC 00:00)
My Referral Link
A referral link will be created after the wallet connect.
Connect Wallet
After completing the Get PLEXUS Points step, the Share button will be activated.
Get PLEXUS Points
Connect your blockchain wallet to earn points. PLEXUS Points are earned when you verify yourself with the community and complete entering referral links. Community verification is performed only once for the first time and cannot be changed, so be careful. After the referral period ends, PLEXUS points can be converted into PLX tokens.
Discord Verified
+ 20 Point
Twitter Verified
+ 20 Point
Accept Invite
Of the person who invited you. Please enter referral link.
(You cannot enter your own referral link)
+ 10 Point
Get More Point